Congratulations on Hao-Kuen's MOST undergraduate fellowship!

--- 2019/06/20

--- 2019/06/10

Beach cleaning + Kayaking at the north coast of Taiwan!

--- 2019/05/11

First trip to mice room --- start taking care of our CRISPR-fluorescent mice!

--- 2019/04/18


Congratulations on Mika's offer from the TIGP MCB graduate program!

Congratulations on Hannah's decision on joining LCD as our first PhD student!

Congratulations on Jo-Hsi's offers from multiple systems biology PhD programs and his decision on going to Stanford as a PhD student in the Department of Chemical and Systems Biology!

--- 2019/04/02

Wanna becoming a cross-disciplinary scientist?

LCD is recruiting a passionate junior scientist in 2019. Please see the following for possible graduate programs.

Taiwanese International Graduate Programs:
MCBBioinformaticsNanotechnology, and Neurosciences.

Academia Sinica - NTU Joint Graduate Program:

Genomics and Systems Biology

--- 2019/01/04

LCD internship opportunities!

Interested in Cancer Biology and Quantitative Biology? Wanna do computation and experiments? Here is your opportunity!

Winter Internship: send an email to Sheng!

Summer Internship: Academia Sinica IIP and IMB SIP.

--- 2019/01/01

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