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Good luck Jeffrey!

TIGP IIP summer intern June-July 2017

Letter to Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey and LCDs,

Good afternoon! Hope you all have enjoyed the dinner last night.

It was a nice farewell dinner with Jeffrey and all of you. I did not get a chance to share my thoughts about my personal experience working with Jeffrey and I would like to take this opportunity to do so.

Jeffrey came to our lab with limited tissue culture background and had almost no prior knowledge of drug combinations. With the help of Sean, Patty and Chih-Yao, he quickly picked up the experimental skills and started working on a drug combination project. He started with two drug combinations and then gradually extended to other four, individually and in combination. To help thinking about the interactions among the drugs, he himself drew the signaling pathways targeted by those drugs on papers and started using his "map" as a reference to help guide his design of drug combinations.

To analyze the drug combination effects, in addition to the computer program Sean and Lilian developed using Chou and Talalay ’s algorithm, he initiated the usage of Combenefit, a software for visualizing the drug combination index using a different algorithm (Lowe’s additivity). Together with Sean, they established the standard of measuring the effects of drug combination in the LCD.

Whenever necessary, he would come to my office to ask for suggestions, mostly the interpretation of his experimental results and possible future directions. He would bring his notebook with all the results starting from day one in our lab. We would look at his results together and discuss why certain observations are unexpected and/or interesting. I remember that there was one time Jeffrey came to me to discuss his results. The results were not that impressive and I could see a little disappointment in his eyes. I tried to encourage him by giving a different prospective of thinking about the results. Several days after, he came to me with new results and we had a long and inspiring discussion on how to look at the kinetics of cell death as a potential general guideline for the design of drug combinations. A couple days later, he did the analysis and showed some intriguingly distinct death kinetics induced by different drugs.

During the last two weeks of his internship, with Lilian's help with imaging analysis, he moved forward to look at single-cell protein kinetics after dual-drug treatment and found unexpected results of protein translocation after a particular drug treatment. This observation could be a novel principle for designing the order and timing of drug combinations. Last night, after our farewell dinner, he wrote his thorough thoughts on the LCD Trello about the future directions of his project, many of which are exciting and feasible to pursue!

I am impressed by Jeffrey’s intelligence, diligence as well as his kindness and generosity. You started as a TIGP summer intern two months ago and now ends as an inspiring and life-long colleague/friend of LCDs. Thank you for being with us in the past two months and hopefully we will get the chance to interact in the near future!

Attached are some photos we took during your farewell dinner.

Good luck with your next step toward your future goal!

Sheng 2017/07/29

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