A cookie printed with "SHENG" from Feng-Shu!--- 2019/01/29

Two viral scientists --- 2019/01/19

White Elephant gift exchange with the Ping lab 2018

First LCD coomassie gel MADE IN TAIWAN!

A MCF7 cell forms a heart-shaped nucleus with p53 "beating" in it.

About the mysterious 20-day experiment

Mika's summer dynamic buddies!

2018 July/August

First pipetting of summer interns, Qing and Cheng-Hshei in LCD. Fun~

Discussing journal club paper.

In those Wednesday afternoons, we would gather and discuss the book of "An Introduction to Systems Biology" by Uri Alon.

The excitements and surprises usually come from brainstorming with dynamic buddies.

Gaurav's summer intern~ 2018 05/01-06/30

Hike to 95 peak - 2018/06/28

We heard of this famous 9-5 peak close to Academia Sinica. Jo-Hsi suggested us to hike there as a lab outing event. It turns out to be such a beautiful, hot and cool (after rain), and wonderful (tiring too...) experience.

International food exchange day - 2018/05/31

Gaurav and Jo-Hsi organized this "international food exchange day" in the lab. It was originally designed to be an international "canned" food day. However we just could not give up the delicious hand-made fresh food. Gaurav made the Indian pancake and curries himself, yummy! We also have Philippine corned beef from Mika and Chino, and Taiwanese gluten, stinking tofu, spring roll and "dog-biting-pig buns". It was such a great and "full" night!

Cake Day 2017 summer

Patty organized this cake day for LCD. We made many kinds of cakes and cookies. Some of them are very beautiful and all of them are delicious!

Fashion show~ 2017

The best LCD fashion models, Chih-Yao and Patty!

College student visit 2017

Students from Tzu-Chi University visiting us to know more about single-cell systems biology.

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